Why does my ex boyfriend want to see me and my dog so bad? We only broke up a month and half ago?

We been together foe 5 years. We broke up a month and half ago. He really misses me and my dog but yet he has a girlfriend which I find weird, because I would think he would rather spend time with her then to be around me or even think about me in that matter. He says maybe in the future we'll date when he heads back to the island. But then he switches his mind that he just wants to be friends. I'm so confused. What are your thoughts on this?


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  • Yup, you're the option. A new girlfriend after a month coming from a LTR is not a good thing. She is a rebound and will get burned by this guy. He still has feelings for your and is hoping by seeing you that you also have feelings for him.

    My opinion is to avoid meeting him at all costs to keep your sanity. Six weeks is not long enough to get over 5 years. As the crazy woman from the 90's workout videos used to say, "stop the insanity!"

    • Thanks for the feedback really helpful :) just don't want to get hurt anymore by any cost.

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    • Will he broke up with me and then he kinda didn't want me to leave til the end of the month and i just packed my bags and left. But the weird part of this is. He wanted me to reach out to him when he was phoning my mom every week asking how i am doing or if i'm seeing someone. It's the most toughest thing I have ever gone through in my life. The fact that he wants to see me is kinda weird after we just broke up a month and half ago.

    • He's toying with your emotions. As sdistotallyme said, you need to shut him down. Tell your mother to stop talking to him too. He's messed up in the head and confused. You need to tell him to stop calling and contacting.

  • the gf is just a rebound basically he shouldn't expect 2 much from it... after 5 years of being with some1 going form that to being alone the best way is to jump back in and a rebound date the first person u can and see what happens LOL... he's still attacked to u though... i recommend for both ure sakes close all contact for a long while and if he comes back and u bump into him in the streets start talking again... it takes time to heal form a relationship and after a breakup remaining friends isn't such a good idea unless heir really important to u and even then it might be kinder to let them go w/o hard feelings and try again in a few years...

    • Thanks for the answer :) it hurted when i found out. But your right i shouldn't meet up with him or anything until my heart is completely held.

    • find a rebound... fastest way to get over a relationship... but dont fall in love iwth the rebound just date and move on... there's always that gay guy friend or the very rare unicorn of guys that just want to have a close female friend to cuddle with and help get over emotional scars... the latter is by far the best u build a friendship thats stronger than most no commitment needed... and usually its best to leave sex out of the deal just a close snuggling on the couch with a movie... i only date people i intend to marry so rebounds dont work for me... gay guys dont work for straight men just women... so that leave me 1 choice... I NEED A CUDDLE BUNNY! lol

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