Feeling kind of hurt after wrongfully getting banned from Loveshack. org?

I am putting this in Breakup and Divorce because honestly, that's a little bit what it's feeling like. It's just, being there for almost six months and really discussing my issues there and all, I actually felt part of that community, and now I got banned in error and he won't revoke the ban. He says that I have banned previously and that that's the reason, but that's not true. He said that it's not an error and I don't know what to tell him. He won't listen.

So anyway, I am really missing that place especially because that was the only place where people understood me and knew my issues very well so now when I go on a new forum (which I did right here: www.relationship-forums.com/showthread.php I will have to start all over from square one. This place doesn't really count because it doesn't give me enough space (look how long my post was there).

Basically, I became dependent on the site and used to the community and everything and now I just all of a sudden got locked out...

If you are interested, I am "R3d" and check out the In Search Of section of the forum.


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  • Not sure why you posted this here. Unless you are advertising for relationship forums

    • Looking for some advice.

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