He broke up with me for no reason at all?

We've been a couple for over 3 months. Everything was perfect, yet after millions of 'I love you', gifts, great time spent together he just wakes up in front of me and says 'I think we should break up'. When I asked why he said... 'I have never loved you.'

Then how to explain all of that stuff? He introduced me to his friends, his mother, he gave me gifts and even spoke about wedding.
Just what the hell, I can't believe it ALL was a lie...


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  • I'll presume he is as young as you are or close, so he goes from infatuation and lust until something in his head went off and said, "are you ready for living the rest of your life with this person?" and he freaked. You've been a couple for only three months, so this was all moving very fast. Falling in love is driven by emotion and hormones, but the prospect of long term relationships really get one thinking about what constitutes love for the long haul. His emotions got ahead of his head. It was a crappy way to deliver the message. Sorry that happened to you.

    • He is 7 years older than I am..

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  • It sounds like he lead you on to get in your pants, then after things were going well and he got what he wanted he decided its time to get out. He most likely listened to everything you said and what you wanted, repeated back everything you needed to hear. Once he was sure that you were on the hook he ran with it. He went through the motions of being in a relationship and when he was done thats all the she wrote. Either that or he freaked out when he started thinking about the future and what he was going to do. Some people are not ready for that chapter in their life, and when its staring them in the face they run. It just depends, though him telling you he never loved you makes me wonder if the first part is closer to the truth than the second.

  • That's not no reason, that's 'I have never loved you'. It seems all the gifts were just a way of keeping you happy.


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