Confused, anxious and need help!!!

really confused and lost now please help me !!!

She broke up with me about 3 months ago didn’t give me a real reason she just said she needed space. I gave her the space she wanted and figured I would work everything out when I got back to school in August. She lives in a very small town and about a week or 2 after we broke up I found out she started talking to another guy. She works with him and I knew they were friends but never put much thought into it.

Now that I’m back at school, I believe she is still trying to keep me in her life. I have class with her and she chose to sit next by me (there were other open desk) and now is even going out of the way to help me in the class. This I have no idea why?
Now also I’m not supposed to know about this kid. I found out through a friend and she’s keeping it very quiet. He came up to school but didn’t bring him to public places or on campus that I might be at. I do have a hot temper but have been very cool about this situation. Could that be the reason why or because she does want to get back? Any ideas on that and how do I approach the situation from here?
Do u think she left me for him?


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  • Many times just because two people Break up doesn't mean they Can't Make up or that It's-----Goodbye, my love. And when an EX marks an X in your heart or even theirs once again, there is generally Motive, even Attempted Opportunity to find themselves seated Back in the passenger seat. And so it seems is happening here with the girl from yesterday, who has surfaced once more in your life.
    Don't trust her. Believe me, She needed this 'Space' the First time because she knew her and this 'Friend' were going to begin their Beguine, so she left you on the sidelines. And even now, she is trying to keep him behind the curtain, behind her Shady Skirt----Keeping it very quiet.
    She's sneaky, she has something in mind. She may want to see First if you will take her back, dump him like she did you and start her Problem child Pattern full circle again. If it isn't with you and him, she will Begin with someone else. She is this Wolf in sheep's clothing, being this lamb chop around you.
    Keep it 'Cool' and calm and very collected. I see right through her. Right now she wants her sweet cake and eat it too, and if you give her the boot in the butt, she will still 'Indiscreetly' have him in the pasture grazing like some naive billy goat as she wanders out and about.
    Be civil, semi friendly. Don't lead her on, don't have much contact. Keep it in the classroom, Not outside where she has a chance to get her cat claws into you some more.
    Good luck. xx

    • i do eventually want her back i know this behavior really isn't her do you think she will eventually come back? how do you think it will play out

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    • She told my friend she's afraid to bring him around because she doesn't know how I'm going to react

    • With Long distance for now, it gives her more free reins to do as she please... LDR takes two people to work at it, and if you are the only one Really trying, it may be senseless... All you can do is just keep things the way they are or give her alternative about what you want, which she most likely doesn't want... But for now, if anything keep hoping and keep things as they are... xx

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  • "she just said she needed space. "

    That's girl talk for she's already found someone else.

    Let her go, don't bother playing her game, and move on in life without her.


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