Why do breakups suck so bad?

My boyfriend had a sketchy past.. divorce, I think possible criminal allegations that he would not disclose to me.

I did not know all these things at first but he was not honest with me about providing information that is fair for me to know, and such.

I started to realize he could even potentially be violent... he blamed his ex for everything.

And, he started to become disrespectful and wanted to know who was texting me.

I ended it fast, as soon as my intuition started telling me to run, I ran.

But, it still hurts so bad. I feel a big hole in my heart. I wanted him to be the right one, so badly. I am back on dating sites which is how I met him, and I know that any conversation can be a potential relationship.

I know I did the right thing, so why does it hurt so bad?


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  • It hurts, if you loved him so much, and had to leave him it will leave a big hole in you. As you may not like what i'm going to say (well maybe) you did the right thing to run. It was unfair of him to not tell you small details about his past, nor did he feel like he needed to do that with you.. Which in us women, it bugs us. He should of been more open with you. You will find someone, just be more careful when it comes to the next one. Make sure you get to know everything about him. To start a good relationship is to have a good, strong foundation and so on.


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