Can someone that used someone as a rebound end up wanting them later on?

I was a rebound and I didn't realize until he broke up with me. I did so much for him and he always said I was the best thing that has walked into his life. I knew deep down he wasn't over his ex so after he broke it off I left him with nc. Two weeks later he's in another relationship. Do you think he'll wantme back later down the road?


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  • as a rule do not fall for ure rebounds... ure supposed to pick sub par rebounds to make ureself feel better... girls date jerks and get hurt... then date nice guys for a confidence building rebound then back to another jerk... stupid women i swear LOL

    • This guy had it made with me. I may have been someone out of his comfort zone since he's used to getting treated like crap.

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    • i dont feel like a doormat either its just people tell me i am... i think its because i was willing to 4give my 2nd relationship after being cheated on and try working on it... i absolutely refuse to ever give up on a relationship... cheatings 1 of the very few things that could ever put me off a relationship

      and even if u changed how u approached this relationship it prob wouldn't have made a difference... he went into it intending on using u as a rebound... i myself dont believe in rebounds because while they work they hurt some1 else and thats something i dont like doing

    • I honestly don't even think he knew it was a rebound. I really think he had feelings for me and that's why he wad so angry when I left him. He didn't want anyone else with me but he still had feelings for his ex. I dunno... it wasa messed up situation and I got hurt in the end. I hope karma bites him hard lol.

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  • He may want you in his life, but if he has any introspection and insight at all, he has realized he used you for the rebound and doesn't know what to do with those feelings. You broke it off? Well, he got the message you weren't content to be #2. Perhaps you healed what needed to be healed, but you weren't meant to be a LTR. It must be hurtful.

    • I have never been so hurt by someone. If I listed off to you the things I did for this guy your mouth would drop. He screwed me over bad and even called the cops on me because I left him and took my things. I dodged a bullet by getting him out of my life, but it hurts seeing him with someone else so soon after.

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