How to stop wanting something you can't have?

It was a weird time, but tell me why it's so engraved in my effing head that I can't forget? Tell me why I knew he was no good but I went back? Of course the same thing happened again. Months later he "drunkenly" said, "I'm sorry I hurt you, I don't deserve you." Why would he even bother saying that?
If he's thinking we probably wouldn't work, I honestly agree.
I dislike him and miss him at the same time. Maybe I've glorified it, maybe this is my ego.
But then, tell me why my chest hurts still.

Dating isn't helping, how do I stop being irrational D:


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  • I think to put it simply, focus on the things you can have and remind yourself of the joy it brings you by being able to have them.


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  • Awww dude, I know you feel shit. But, how long do you wanna feel shit for?

    You need to cut all contact, including social networks. Ignore his calls/texts.

    Don't think about him. Watch light hearted comedies, stand up comedies, go out with friends.
    Don't put yourself in limbo with these constant thoughts and reminders. Or you'll just feel like crap for a long time.
    Eventually you'll want him less and less, until you barely think about him. I promise!!! I know you can't see that happening, but time is sooooo important in these matters.


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