What is the best way for your ex to come back to u even after telling u he's deleting your number?

Ok my ex, I wanted him to come see me on my birthday, he said he would and it was getting late so I messaged him asking if I should wait for him. He response was 'what u been up to'. Basically avoiding the question. I got mad cuz I knew what he was doing so I sent him a text that I was disappointed and I was here to love him not play games. He texted back saying 'well done in making me not see u now'. I said 'good u don't deserve me' then he blows up and calls me crazy psycho bitch and to fuck off. He later texts askin who else I'm meeting instead crazy bitch. I didn't reply because time and time again I have told him there's no one else and the insults made me cry. So when he called I didn't pick up so he texted saying to not call him again and he's deleting my number. I replied with 'ok.'. I'm so hurt by this. I want him to chase me so I can have the upper hand. Not to get back with him. It's been 2 days


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  • Women often don't appreciate: (i) guys move out of a relationship for different reasons... sometimes they feel stressed in it... sometimes they feel she's clingy... or they may not feel she's worth chasing (ii) the more you chase him, he'll be even less inclined to get back.

    In my case, I had this super duper girlfriend, but she left me no time for myself. I felt the strain and fell ill (quite seriously), mainly because of the time being invested into the relationship. It was choosing between her and my health! I still look up to her as a good friend, but know that if I get back into the relationship, I would cause grevious hurt to myself. So I can't afford it...

    Your last statement really threw me off balance: "I want him to chase me so I can have the upper hand. Not to get back with him." This sounds mean! Why use relationships to settle scores and play ego games? Just accept it for what it is...

    Btw, I hate it when my partners pressurise me, and take it as a lose of freedom. (Agree that my partners would have complaints against me too...)


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  • Go with no contact for 3 weeks at least
    Ignore it when he calls / texts
    Avoid him as much as possible
    And if u wanna have the upper hand , go out with other guys and let him sees u with male company.. but don't flirt with other men in his presence or he will be sure ur making an effort for his sake and then he has the upper hand.
    Let him see you happy and never show sadness around him..
    Update girl.. luck luck luck :*

    • "... but don't flirt with other men in his presence..." so it's ok if he's not seeing?

    • You can start dating.. but take it slow if you want him back.. u don't want to caught flirting if u want him back.. if you don't care and just wanted revenge do it anyway

      Most important thing.. make him see you with other men hanging out having fun this will make him feel jealous and regret the break up

      Another tip.. dress more nicely and more sexy than usual but not too sexy either + lose some weight.. look your best and take a good care of your self darling

      Don't miss out life

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  • Dude... just leave him alone. Let the hate die and just forget about him. Your idea isn't worth it.

  • This is why you don't deal with ex's. Move on.

  • Depends, what was the reason that broke you apart?

    • I lied to him. He has no trust in me and thinks I'm a slut when I'm not.

    • If it's nothing related to cheating, then he's being an idiot, sounds like he's insecure. Make yourself beautiful if u r not already and show him what he's missing.
      If it's related to cheating and you really want him back tell him you regret it very much and that you will fight for him, (don't apologise, it doesn't mean anything in these cases) and then do not get in touch with him for a month.

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  • 'what u been up to', perhaps he was checking on what you had done that day already and where were you at?
    I dunno, but it doesn't seem like you're compatible at all.


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