I can't escape my ex and it's making me so mad?

I dated this guy over the summer it was like a summer romance/fling. And I really liked him so much but once he got tired of me he dumped me just like he did to everyone else. Well not exactly he suggested breaking up and I agreed. He hangs out with a bunch of sluts and all they ever do is take turns making out with him I'm surprised I didn't get mono. I don't really know where I went wrong but after we broke up, I wanted to be friends but apparently his opinion of being friends is being really mean to me. He called me stupid and told me I'm bad at making out and he's just really immature honestly. He's pretty popular and I can't go one day, a SINGLE day on instagram without seeing his face and I hate him so much and every time I see his face I get so mad. And I found out next year he's transferring to my school and I don't know what I'm gonna do. I feel like he's gonna make my life miserable and honestly I'm afraid of him and his overly confident ego. I know next year he's gonna try to annoy me in the hall that's just how he is and he's gonna wanna piss me off so bad. What should I do? It makes me sick just thinking about it and I'm gonna dread having to see him everyday. What should I do? And how should I deal with him?
Oh and by the way I blocked him on all my social media accounts the pictures are from his friends feeds that I'm friends with


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  • He just wants you to feed his ego and become another one of his sluts and followers. This is how he gets his power and you take it away by ignoring him. Like a pendulum if you react you give him more power to his swing.
    The best approach is to consider you had a lucky escape and put it down to experience and lessons learnt. Don't have anything to do with people who think they are better than you are. Ignore him because you are better and now you know it. Ignoring him takes away his power.
    Only allow nice people to have your time and this guy will NEVER be nice.


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  • HI, first of all, Im really sorry about what you're going through.
    It seems as though your ex just wasn't the right person for you. He seems very immature, and frankly, you deserve someone better. You can't control his actions, but you can control how you respond to them. Don't be mad, or angry, or yell. Be mature, avoid him when necessary and just be the bigger person. But if the problem gets out of hand, I would suggest telling a friend, parent or someone you trust to confide in. After all, they will be there through all the heartbreaks. Just know that you are better than him, and that you have the power right now; don't give it back to him by entertaining his childish actions
    good luck :) I hope everything turns out well


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  • I said this earlier... giving sound advice to teenagers is same as stabbing yourself in the foot... but if you are an exception as well... then... delete and recreate all social media accounts, don't respond or talk to him or his friends, yes delete the mutual friends... they will flock to you magically and when you do see him in the school, look right through him... like he doesn't exist!


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