What if he ignores an apology?

i apologized 2 my ex 4 the problems i have caused him before the breakup about a month ago ( i was the dumper...)
i did it through text and its been 2 days.
just 2 prep myself for being ignored, how should i handle it? is it wrong to apologize to an ex? in the long run do u think it helps to apologize? it was very sincere and i meant everything i said. just worrying a little.

should i not expect a reply, or am i worrying too much and should i just give him more time? i dont know how much i hurt him but i expect it was quite a bit if he wants to ignore the apology but wouldn't ignore me when i would text him about unrelated stuff b4


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  • I don't think it's wrong to apologize to your ex. Obviously you have a reason to be apologizing, whatever that reason may be. If he decides not to accept your apology, it's on him. Don't let it torment you. I know that's not much comfort, but there's not really anything you can do. You can't force him to accept your apology, and if he doesn't now, hopefully over time he will. If he ignores you, don't let it faze you. You did your part by apologizing, and now it's his choice whether or not he's going to do his part by accepting it.

    • thank u that actually helped a lot. i kinda felt awkward and like i made a mistake by apologizing but if he won't accept it then im the bigger person now.
      thank u a lot!!

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    • yeah i know whatya mean. its hard to have a lot of influence on someone and they were happy to do what made you happy just to have it become the complete opposite. but time heals all!!

    • Haha yeah, I'm hoping that that'll prove to be true :/ thanks! :)

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