Why does my ex bf text me all the time?

We didn't speak for almost a year.
He broke up with me after almost 9 years together.


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  • Who cares why? He's your ex. Ignore him and move on.

  • either he wants to get laid, he wants to get back together, or he misses having you to talk t. the last is the least likely by far but still possible

    • He's told me how much he misses me and how he missed having me to talk to. His exact words.

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    • We've only spoken about the breakup once a few months ago. He said he's scared to get back together plus he's busy with school full time & interning & working. He said " your the real deal, & I never want to hurt you ever again" this is after telling me he misses me a ton & that he's sorry for all the heartache he put me through. He texts me all the time.. I'm really confused

    • it's sounding like he wants to be back with you but just doesn't have time atm

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