Boyfriend broke up with me, What do you think of what he said?

He basically said to me that he doesn't know if this break up is going to be forever, he loves me and cares about me and will always remember the good times we've had but he can't help but think that he wants to be single right now and isn't ready for a committed relationship. He said that he doesn't want to tell me that he;ll ever get back together with me because he doesn't want me to be waiting for him cuz i'm a beautiful girl and don't deserve that.
  • He just wants to let you down easy but doesn't want to be with you
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  • you have hope! he just needs space but definitely wants to be with you again.
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  • he needs to think about things, he doesn't know if he wants you or not
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We are back together now, it took a lot of work but after being broken up for 3 weeks we got together "as friends" and things moved from there. We're better than ever and he's actually way more serious about me now than he was before.


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  • It sounds to me like he is being honest with you (i. e., he's telling the truth of how he really feels right now), but I also think that in situations like this, it's more likely that you won't get back together than that you will. I'd guess that about 2/3 of the time, couples who break up like this don't get back together.

    It's very common for guys at this age not to be ready for a long-term, serious relationship. Many guys want to be single, and explore the single life while they have the chance, and while I know most girls have trouble understanding that (because, for most girls, a relationship is their biggest goal), that's just how guys are, especially in their early 20s. Most guys aren't ready to "settle down" with a serious relationship until they are around 30.

    So, accept that you are broken up, and assume that you are not getting back together with your ex, and life life accordingly. That's all you can do. And, honestly, expect this to happen again at some point, because it probably will. Most people have a number of relationships before they are ready to settle down.


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  • It sounds like he isn't sure about what he wants. He is just trying to be honest with you because he obviously cares for you. I am going through a very similar thing right now too. My boyfriend of seven months broke up with me because he needs to focus on school to get into college and to be able to explore other people. My Ex isn't a very relationship oriented person, and your Ex is probably the same. He definitely doesn't want to hurt you, but probably isn't as happy as he was in the beginning of the relationship. All in all, don't wait for him. Go out with friends, have fun, and if he ever wants to re enter the relationship he will tell you, and you can go from there if you chose. But don't expect him to come crawling back to you after living the single life. Most guys are not ones for long term, serious relationships until they are older, and frankly, more mature. So I wouldn't spend my days worrying about it. Remember the good times and learn from the bad ones. There will be more guys, more relationships, and more fun. And remember, it's his loss.


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  • Him telling you to move on shows that he is already kinda over you in his head. But that's not such a bad thing. Way less drama that way.

    • he didn't really tell me to move on, he just told he doesn't want to tell me that he'll for sure want me back. He kept leaving hints though that he does want to be together later on he just needs space. He even said "maybe this is a rough patch" and agreed to go on little "Dates" together later on afer having space. My question though, is if he's saying all this, giving me this hope, to make it easier for him but doesn't actually mean any of it.

  • may be he got other girl and he love her more then your... i would suggest to you to talk to him clearly

    • no he definitely doesn't have another girl. and i do know that he loves me. I think i was too clingy and he felt smothered. but I really dont think he wants to be single for another girl. he even told me he doesn't want to be with anyone. of course he could have lied, but i know him well enough to know that that isn't the reason.

  • This does sound kind of push along wish. But Ina very nice way

    • its weird cuz he won't say that we're completely over, but won't say we'll be together either. him saying this was in response to me saying "is this forever?" after he broke up with me. So he didn't say it was forever or not at all. I just dont know if he did this just to make it less awkward and easier, cuz i know its very hard to break up with someone. i just dont want to have false hope of being together later on after he has space.

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    • green light for what? go get em? as in my "ex" or as in other boys? lol sorry i didn't understand that one.

    • Other guys, he wants you to be happy, not forever wondering about a maybe. Good luck playing the field.

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