We dated a year, I cheated, Broke up, became FWB, I came clean, Stopped talking, talking again now, he's trying to hook up. Does he still like me?

He doesn't want a relationship with anyone. My brother knows everything that happend, and has been through the same kinda relationship I was in; cheating and all. He thinks my ex still loves me. Is that even possible? We've been talking like crazy even been talking dirty, its been like this 24/7 for the past week or 2\so. I still love him but he said he doesn't feel the same anymore. We each others first time and first a lot of things.


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  • Your ex boyfriend is lacking a backbone and balls. Had you cheated on me I wouldn't talk to you every again. I wouldn't have anything to do with you. You would have been erased from my brain's memory bank within a month.


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  • i might be a bit rude here and say I'm surprised he's still trying to hook up with u. he clearly isn't bothered dealing with u as a real man should. honestly, a real man wouldn't let his girl get away with cheating in such a stupid manner.


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