I'm more angry did he expect me to be jealous?

I was in love with a narcissist the signs were there from beginning but believed everything he ever told me. He went about telling people I was a stalker and pyscho, I was deranged because I was heartbroken made the mortal sin of begging and texting and calling him constant. He blocked me life went on few months later he gets in touch wants to hook up my heart overruled my damn head and again cycle begun again, this time he contacted me I said no I won't have sex with you I asked him repeatable why he does this to me in which he got a female to give me abuse. I laughed at her she will be me soon anyway told him was seeing a guy who liked me to his reply was" I'm having sex with a little darling" I thought would be jealous but nope nothing so I emailed him 1 last time.. why did you contact me if you are seeing someone you've not long met? No reply.. it's just stupid excuses like why you talking about me? I saw you in the park.. the park being in my hometown miles from where he is.. I told him I wasn't in any park and even if I was is it a crime? Then callng me a stalker because I acquired one picture of his girlfriend because I wanted to see what this person who had never even met me or didn't know me looked like.. yet this imbecile goes about calling me a stalker when it's him who hunts me down.. I told him about a bad reaction I had at new year.. he said yeah I know about that.. we don't have friends in common he lives nowhere near me so how did he know? He's sitting calling me stalker from getting a picture of his girlfriend when he knows more about my life.
I think he loves drama but wish he would leave me out it
So really what to do? Don't type block him from Facebook he isn't on it or block him from social media sites he isn't on them either.. does he realise he's going to wake up one morning and go she was loyal and I treated her like crap?
It's him who spies on me yet I'm the stalker... yes I did wrong by the stupid picture thing but how dare anyone call someone a liar when they don't know person? I had an abortion he was there encouraging me to have it anyone who knows me believes me
I've had to live with what I've done it hurts me he knows it's true. its been him stirring it up by referring to me as jealous and pyscho
If he's coming into my hometown I'll need to move away


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