What was the point you realized you didn't trust your ex anymore?

Once a boyfriend or date does or says something I can't trust i know that the relationship is done. It's like a kick in the gut-you know you can't overlook it and that the relationship is not going to last.

In this case i first considered breaking up then said I will wait longer but within a few weeks things got worse and I left.

What was that aha moment for you when you knew you couldn't trust him or her anymore?


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  • I knew I couldn't trust him anymore when he tried to finger me in my sleep, even though he knew I didn't want to. I had explained to him that initiating sex while I was asleep was an absolute no-no, that it reminded me of the sexual assault I endured as a kid. This douche tried twice in the same night, even though I pushed him away, half awake.
    That's one ex I won't keep in touch with.


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