Should I have text my ex back?

So me and my ex broke up after awhile of trying to get her back I told her not to contact me unless she wanted to work it out. Didn't talk to her for a week and she text me yesterday saying I had mail at her house. I didn't text her back and just told her brother to bring it to me. Should I have text her? was she just looking to talk to me?


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  • YES!!! She most certainly is! Then she will text you "how is it going" or something else you "forgot". She still wants you to want her. Telling you that she has mail or anything else is a way for her to get you to think about her by association. The lamest trick to play and please don't be fooled. I bet she would text you even if it's a McDonald's ad in your name. My ex had an ex that did this and it help ruin the relationship. She just kept adding things that he forgot or that she wanted to know about. I know many girls that do this. You both broke up for a reason. Unless you have a desire to be with her again don't respond to the b. s. Manipulating people is beyond wrong!!

    • Well that's the thing I would like to work it out. But like I said up there I told her don't text me unless you want to work it out. so I didn't text back about the mail. i want her to know I'm forreal about not texting me.

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    • Gotcha we'll I won't be texting her bc I don't want her to think she has any control over me at all , and I want her to know I'm forreal about this. I do want her back but seems to me like it'll never happen

    • last note. If you jump back in too soon it will more than likely happen the same way again. You have to end it completely or she will end it by getting with another guy that she cares enough about or her new guy has to be a guy that won't put up with her contacting you. You care for this girl and that's what will hurt you in the end because she doesn't care enough for you. People aren't toys, they shouldn't be played with. I wish you well my friend.

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  • She was looking to give you your mail. Nothing more.

    • Yeah we'll last time we didn't talk she text me asking about my gym and prices and stuff seems like she always finds somthing to get in contact about

    • Then you remind her of your rule. "Listen, I am not here to answer all your questions. I told you only to text me if you want to get back together. If that's what you're hinting at, be at my place tomorrow at 6 so we can talk in person"

      And don't reply to any more of her dumb texts

    • I agree with @yaddayaddayadda02 even thought he is the harsh dating consult here but he is always right do as he said :/

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  • Many times because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't Make up and that it is: Goodbye, my love. And with an 'Ex,' who Marks an X in your heart, such as Yours, more times there are motives for wanting to be in one another's lives. Apparently yours isn't a Friends with benefits factor, which is a bit unusual. I have found here, more times than often, it's the girl who wants to Reunite with all the trimmings but it's the guy who just wants to chew the fat and get it on with no hooked at the hip.
    You played hard to Get, which I find admiral. You are sticking to your guns, are not going to go down any other path, and until she comes to your Tough love terms anything else would be just down A-----Beaten path. You did alright, cowboy.
    Perhaps she just wanted to See you, Make idle chatter, tell you how much she hopes you are doing okay And blah, blah, blah. However, that is most likely as far as it would have went. I say this because if it were Anything But This, she would have text you to come to dinner and talk, not just to Pick up------Old news.
    Good luck. xx


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  • depends, if you received mail than no you did the right thing. if there is no mail then she wanted to see you.


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