Will my ex come back?

5 days ago, my bf ended our relationship. He got so angry and blew up! (Major trust issues) I left him alone for 3 days. 2 nights ago, I called him. He surprisingly answered, I asked how he was. He asked me and I asked if he could talk. He said he was at his friends house. So i asked him to call me when he gets a minute. He didn't. Why would he answer if he didn't wanna talk? I'm baffled? He was controlling throughout our relationship. So my guess is that he's making me wait it out. But will he call? And why did he answer in first place if he didn't actually wanna talk?
By the way, the night he ended it, he called me a crazy bitch I got upset and when he called I didn't answer, he then texted saying you're obviously meeting someone else. I didn't reply. I was so upset.
... and after I called him and he said he's at his friends, I texted him saying I didn't answer cuz I was upset with him and if he would call me bk that would be great


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  • If there's trust issues its not good sign. Normally when a guy has trust issues its because he's fooling around and trying to cover it up. Im not saying he is it just sounds a bit dodgy to me. Give him space, call him and maybe set up a coffee and talk about it. Present your issues and your thoughts and work from there


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  • Sounds like he's cheating. He's controlling? you must ask yourself why would you want someone to control you. Perhaps you should take this time to evaluate you. If you could careless about someone controlling you... Don't worry he will come back unless he found someone better than you most controlling people come back to the people that allow them to control them.


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  • I suggest you to just leave him alone for a while. cut all contact with him. give him a lot of space. do the opposite of what you would do and he will start to wonder and miss you.

  • This doesn't sound like a healthy relationship maybe it's better you two broke up just saying tho.

  • My ex did that to me, and I found out he was with another woman. He actually broke up with me over the phone, in front of her. I never seen it coming. Ever !!!
    We lived together three years. I was pretty devastated. As it was totally unexpected. Our last contact was two weeks ago, he called me back and apologized and said "You didn't deserve that". He was my best friend and he is used to me being there for him. I have decided to issue the "No contact rule". I have not contacted him at all!
    I would try it, if he truly cares about you, he will call! Your suppose to break all contact for at least 30 days. If they do call, pretend your busy and say you have to go after a few minutes.
    It is also suppose to be a time for you to heal, but also give them time to start missing you. You want to be able to deal with him with a cool rational head.
    It has been two weeks since we talked, and my emotions have calmed way down, I was a crying mess when I last talked to him. Now I know I could talk to him and be cool about it.
    I am actually hoping he doesn't call for a while yet, I think I need some more time. But, it is working for me too. I think it is the hardest thing I ever had to do, at first I just wanted to pick up that phone and call him. But, that has faded. I now go home and put my phone in my bedroom and turn off the ringer, then go about my night. For the first few days of the no contact I was glued to my phone, hoping he would call, and he hasn't.
    It sounds like your boyfriend might have been with someone else, I don't know. Again, try the no contact, if he loves you he will call eventually. That is what I am hoping anyway.


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