Does my ex still love me? If he does,, how can I help him move on because I feel guilty for breaking his heart?

I broke up with my ex long time ago because it did not work out between us. I broke his heart into pieces and I didn't mean too do that. Today, he called me to ask for my help, but I couldn't because I was busy studying. I was crying at the time because I failed my nursing exam twice and I was very depressed. He came to my house and asked me what's wrong. I just cried nonstop because I was stressing out over everything. I cried because I am not doing good in nursing school, and my current boyfriend seems like he doesn't love me and care for me enough. My ex comforted me the whole night and he offered to drive me around the town to get some fresh air. I just realized how much he loved me and cared for me in the past. He would still does everything to make me happy. He cried when i cried and he begged me to stop crying because it's breaking his heart.
I'm not planning to get back together with my ex. It's just that I start comparing my ex and my current bf and I realize my current boyfriend doesn't love me and care for me enough like my ex used to do. I guess I can't force love.


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  • I'm sure he still does because he cld just try to make you feel better over the phone through text or something but the fact he actually went over to your house and tried to comfort you by even taking you out.. is showing you he still wants to show you he can still be there for you.. he sounds like a sweet guy.. if I was you id reconsider

    • I agree with you, if I was her, I would also reconsider. . Sounds like a keeper

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    • I am just tired of everything right now. I am so depressed because I think I will fail nursing school. I am so useless and hopeless and I really need someone who can be by my side and comfort me. My ex can make me feel better but I don't have any feelings left for him. I love my bf now but he seems like he doesn't support and comfort me enough.

    • Thank you for MHO.. I'm sorry you feel bad about not doing well in nursing school.. I've been there before I'm actually a bio major and my organic Chem class is a class I have taken before and have had to drop it because i can't pass it. People have changed their majors because they cannot seem to pass that course at least at my school.. but I know I have to continue trying even if it takes several times. I'm going to look for tutoring and see what can help me do better.. so dnt give up. As for your ex if u dnt feel the same way evaluate why is it because of fear or what exactly.. as for your current bf it seems you are just with him because he gives you attention you said it yourself your ex if there for you more.. so it sounds like you just have a lot going on and you need to give yourself some me time.. and search your heart to see what you want.

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  • by completely ignoring him, that hurts at the moment but soon he will forget and find someone new but if you hang around and keep apologizing and what not you gonna kill him slowly and painfully


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