He dumped me but still texts me?

I've been with this guy for 6 months, I was happy with him and I didn't think anything bad would become of it. He would tell me "your my last one, I dont need anyone else" Unfortunately, that was a lie. August 19, he sent me a text saying "I dont need a gf right now I just want to be alone" I didn't reply back I just deleted his number, pictures, everything. I reacted this way because this never happened to me before. Couple days later I found out I was pregnant. I didn't say anything to him but eventually he found out. What really hurt the most was that he had already moved on. Posting pictures with his new gf. he's still with her. But he would text only saying "Hi" Here and there. I wouldn't respond. I never once contacted him first. He even left a voicemail saying he wants to see me. I was happy about my pregnancy but sadly with all the stress he put me through I had a miscarriage. I told him about losing the baby. What surprised me was his response; "can we try again. I want you to have my baby" Why is he still holding onto me? He dumped me. he's telling people he's inlove with his gf. But still contacting me like everythings peachy.


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  • Cut off all contact with him block him from sending you messages. Then give him a warning not to contact you again. Then if he does call the law. It's that simple.


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  • Im sorry but he is an ass. Saying that he doesn't need a gf and shows up with one its not nice, he could just have dumped you, it happens. I think He just wants sex and even though I liked him, I would put myself first. You can find someone that really wants to be with you... Don't trust this guy.


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  • Easy answer: He dumped you, stop dealing with him.


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