How to ask someone for closure?

Ok so I broke up with an ex a few months ago, ended because apparently I got in the way of her career I say apparently because I could swe no way at all of how I could be in the way, I'm not ignorant I'm open minded son have it loads of thought for ages but still couldn't find the reason, was told she should never have been in a relationship because of career. But then I find out a few days ago she's in a relationship with someone else which has answered a lot of questions that had me with question marks over my head. Why is it bothering me? But I'm kinda worried about asking why the relationship really did end, she obvs didn't like me or I didn't live up to expectations etc I guess what I'm looking for is closure , what's the best way of asking do you think? I'm kinda scared of the reaction. Jelp


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  • obviously you have unresolved feelings. you will always have those feelings if you dont communicate with her. jsut call her up for a quick lunch get together and say you want to talk. you need to get something off your chest. even if it wouldn't go the way you wanted, you will feel better gettin it off your chest either way. talk to her.


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  • I'm not going to lie, I've asked for closure and sat in a parking lot on the phone crying and begging and asking why she can't provide it, and that was my closure right there. Accepting and understanding who a person that said they once loved you and seeing what they do on your worst day. Because its the ones that stick around at your worst that are worth it. That morning at 2am, I slept in a parking lot for 3 hours and drove 2 hours to my house and then went on to pass a physical fitness test for the CDCR, after I smashed my thumb and broke my nail in my car door. Heh. You'll find it within yourself If she cannot provide it. You need to be outright about it.


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