How do I let go of a girl who keeps coming back?

This girl I like friendzoned me and when I try to let go, she just keeps coming back.. So what do I do? Should I change my behavior to her or tell her on the face again?
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  • If your intentions with her are purely romantic and you in no way want 'just friendship' then begin to cut ties! It's most likely that she just sees you as a friend. I'm not saying that feelings can't change, but in the long-run, its not good to put yourself in a situation where what both of you want is so different from the other. The best way is usually to just start pulling back. Answer her texts less and less, give shorter responses, etc ect. She will eventually get the hint and you will begin to become less invested.

    • What do you mean by "less invested"?

    • By saying 'less invested' I more or less mean that you will start to feel less reliance/desire to keep letting her back in your life/let her influence it! Your emotional ties (because its impossible to truly like someone without forming them) will most likely start to break.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Im going to be blatant with you, she is keeping you on a string to make sure you don't get too far because she can't bear the thought you may not want her anymore, but doesn't want to be with you and is keeping her options open. She may have feelings for you, but they arnt strong enough to put you out of friend zone and she is being selfish. Cut her loose completely, if she decides she wants a relationship, great, don't let her keep jerking you around though, for now, say goodbye.


What Guys Said 2

  • Be cold hearted. You don't desserve that c**p. I've been in the same boat this girl went back to her ex who cheated on her twice. Don't try to fix someone who's too stupid to fall for the same cheating boyfriend twice plain and simple

  • do you ONLY want to date her or would you feel better if she was your friend if you couldnt have anything else?

    • I wanna date her

    • Then if that was me, give a few slight hints that you want to take it farther and like when you're in a good spot, like after having given her an present or went somewhere then you ask her

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