Exgirlfriend broke up with me yesterday but says she wants to retry on the future?

So my exgf was pressured from her everyday life. she felt guilty about lying to her parents (we had secretive relationship). She said we should break up so she can focus on her studies and be less pressured and that we should try again later. I dont know what to do. we still talk but its hard for me... i dont know what to talk about with her right now. its really hard. i love her i dont want to move on and forget her. i respect her need for time and space and i didn't beg for forgiveness or a second chance. what can i do now until THAT time? she tells me that probably nothing will change on her feelings and that she will still want to get back together. but what if she doesn't want that time and it proves to be a wasted time? i really want her back i can wait but it kills me. she is the girl of my dreams i can feel it.


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  • I think she's being a little bit selfish. I mean, not wanting to be in a relationship because she doesn't have the time/she feels pressured to do other things is understandable. But telling you she wants to try again in the future is selfish. She's putting you on the back burner just so that she has a backup when the time is right. I don't think it's fair for her to say something like that, because it kind of makes it seem like she doesn't want you to even think about moving on, even though you're not together anymore. She doesn't have that kind of right.
    In my opinion, you should be able to do whatever you want to do now. Just know that there's actually no guarantee that you'll ever get back together. She might change her mind somewhere down the road, which inevitably would mean that you've wasted your time waiting on her for nothing. If waiting is too painful, simply move on.


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  • Sadly there's nothing you can do. Usually once a girl says that, they've already lost interest in you and the relationship.

    • when she says to retry on the future? she lost interest?

    • she said that she's afraid that i might not want to try again that time.

    • She's probably just saying that to try to make you feel better.

  • It sucks, but that is how it goes unfortunately.

    Has she made you feel happy or sad when she told you this? Think about YOUR OWN feelings instead of hers now. Because from what I have read you are planning your life according to how SHE is feeling now.

    The best thing to do is to not give her any more attention, that way it will hurt less for you and you will also seem more attractive.
    And you also have no choice unfortunately.

    • well i think about myself too. i think that i love her and i will be happy with her if we get back together in the future. im just concerned if she means that she wants to be with me or not. and if she means it what will i do till then? i can't get her out of my mind

    • Yea I understand because I have been there.

      Women always try to spare a guy's feelings by being vague. She doesn't want to be with you because otherwise she would be right now.

      Anyway that's what I think.

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