To girls. Do exs post stuff to make you mad?

Me and my ex ended it she dumped me we'll she still wanted to talk and I told her I didn't want to talk to her bc I couldn't. She text me the other day bc she said I had some mail we'll I didn't text back bc I didn't want to talk. Then today she post somthing on Instagram saying somthing about losing what you thought you need to gain everything you ever wanted. Idc I agree with it lol but did she do it to try to make me mad? Do girls do that kinda stuff?


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  • We both do it. As in both men and women post stuff in hopes of the other seeing it.

    Yes I would have to say that picture was aimed at you.

    • I figured it was. Like I said I agree with it for sure lol I think she might be a little mad I'm not talking to her

    • To say when I fell out with my best friend last year (he's male btw) he posted an angry Facebook status which was clearly aimed at me and I retaliated back with a 'you're pathetic' status...
      either way you've broke up. Just turn up without notice, get what you came for and as you leave say "you have no reason to text me now".

    • No I'm just not going to say anything to her I think she's getting the hint that I don't want to speak to her

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