Losing a good friend...(please read)?

Me and my friend broke up 3 months ago. We got into a fight because things were not very stable at that moment and they said some mean things to me that really broke my heart. I put so much effort into this friendship, so much time and it ended, and I realize that I will probably never speak to this person again in my life. Its weird because I thought that I met my soul friend, my person I can rely on and it shocked me that after so much I need to move on, wake up in the morning knowing that I can't call them, I can't ask them to hang out. It really hurts going to these places where we used to hang and had so much fun and it only brings back memories. How do I get over these feelings of loneliness and nostalgia? Because it really hurts my heart.


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  • Give it time, seldom do friends stay "broken up" you fight because you are always there for the good and bad. Bad shines through a lot because it hurts but good will prevail if you both let it heal. I've been through this a lot.

  • You can't know for sure in 3 months if you met a soul mate, I never heard though of a friend soul mate.


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