How do I know if my Ex is really done and moving on?

So my Ex and I broke up about a week ago. We were living together but he is in the military and had to go to training for some months so I moved back home until then. We broke up through text messaging which to me seems very immature? And I don't understand, if we are done like he says "its best we both move on", then why hasn't he offered to send me all of my personal belongings I left at his house? Am I the one who is suppose to ask for them back, I thought that was common sense if someone is really done why would you still want to see there stuff everyday at your house? Guys can be confusing.


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  • wow if your in the military and can't be man enough to show respect for you ex or girlfriend then u really didn't learn much in there ik a lot of good guys in the service who would of showed respect even if things didn't work out in the relationship to at least explain in person or explain in general its hurtful toward you i would get your stuff if you have meaningful stuff i would get them back if there not then i wouldn't put yourself threw seeing him again and he's very disrespectful because why would you leave someone who was there for you through out the time he was in the service i would think you would want to stay with a girl who cares and waited so many girls would of left there guy before he got into it hearing this kinda makes me upset because you don't want any one to go threw that I've been threw something kinda similar like this thats why but your strong enough to move on with your life focus on you and get to where you wanna be in life :) his lost

    • yeah i moved to florida and he's back in AZ we were suppose to be together back in November to move to his new duty station. And yeah I don't get it i mean we just broke up Tuesday and he hasn't answered my calls or text so whatever. And yes i have my snowboard and clothes and all my kitchen stuff and my flat screen I left a lot of my things in his apartment because i was only moving to FL for 3-4 months. I don't see him as the type to just run off with my stuff that would be stupid he's not a kid he's 34 which is why i don't understand why he hasn't mentioned my stuff, i guess I'm just confused as to whether he wants to make things work out.

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