I miss my ex girlfriend?

I really miss my girlfriend. We broke up because life got between us. She was pressured really much. Anyways she told me she wants to try again later when she's more mature to handle such situations.. she's 14 im 16.5. I really love her and I miss her really much. I cry every night thinking of her. Im so depressed. Everything I do Everything I see reminds of her. I love her with more than my whole heart and I hope that we will be together again later. I cry at the moment writing this. I love her and DONT tell me to move on I DONT want to move on I love her so much I would die for her Im serious. Its not fair :'( We want to be together but life won't let us. We kept it a secret from her parenta because they are overprotextive but she felt guilty about them. And thats the main reason. The overprotective parents. Anyways I dont believe we can do something now but I hope for the future... soooo depressed D':


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  • All this is very common in our age... getting upset nd being depressed is very natural... if u don't wana lose her and can't live without any contact then i think u both shoulD at least try to be frnds until u both get matured nd the situation comes in ur favour...

    • We keep out contact since we broke broe up but im afraid of gettiing friendzoned and losing any future chance. should i do the no contact for a bit?

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    • I must say she's vry lucky to have u

    • it must be hard for you to control your thoughts cause of the distance. i mean being jealous, having trust issues, insecurity and such. and i hope she knows she's very lucky to have me:/

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  • It's common but if you love her that much then you are going to have be friends and wait until she matures

    • What if i get friendzoned? Should i do the no contact for a bit?

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    • People who care about other people until the end have a true and healthy heart

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