I still love him but I think am just done?

i have been with my boyfriend for 4 years i moved from my country to be with him. And i honestly feel like i have wasted my life.. he has his good qualities about him but his bad qualities are driving me insane. i have been putting up with him and his family's behaviour for all these years his brother always has negative things to say about me and our relationship. his brother's baby mother gets on my fucking nerves she acts the a bitch always dissing me because am fat and she is super skinny and i don't make fun of her weight. his mother is a bitch she's always criticizing me for the way i dress and talking about how fat i am. his dad is a liar who acts like he is your friend and talks shit about you behind your back. my boyfriend see's all this shit i have to go threw and does nothing. he says its his family and he doesn't want conflict but am stressed out he says am boring because i dont want to have sex constanly maybe is because everytime we have sex when he is down he walks away and goes over his family house like am a hooker. not to mention he doesn't have love for animals like i do his brother always seems to have a problem when i baby my dogs saying am werid and i have issues today he tells me that am a mean perso nand am boring because i dont want to have sex everytime he wants it. i dont get how am boring seeing that when we go to parties i want to dance and he tells me not to because i can't but everyone else is dancing and having a good time. i just feel like i should be with someone else who has the same love as i have i do want to lose weight and have fun i want a guy who loves animals and like to go dacing he doesn't even want to get married and have kids he wants to live a rich life driving cars. i just want a normal life i want kids and pets a husband and a nice home and i want to have a boyfriend family who isn't so negative no one family isn't perfect but no one in his family is nice


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  • "i honestly feel like i have wasted my life"

    Simply break up with him then. Don't feel bad about it, you love him as a person because of the long time that he's been a part of your life. However, relationships should not have a description of wasted time or too negative.


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  • is your unhappy.. everything you just said read it and tell me is that a relationships you want... move on... you love him but your not in love with him anymore from what it sounds like... write him a letter telling him how you feel and stuff... so there won't be a argument since its a letter he has to read by himself... if you had a better man youd probably have motivation to loose weight ( not saying that you have too) anywho , get a person that accepts you... even though i can't sing , when my boyfriends friends are in the care he still lets me sing... his family should not even being saying stuff like that to you... they have become to personal with you because your boyfriend talks bad about you as well from what it sounds like.. so his family thinks its okay to do as well.

    • i never thought about it he says he doesn't talk about our relationship with them he is so weak they also use him as a slave always making him do stuff that they dont wanna do

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    • yes it hurts me i never ever felt like anyone has ever picked up for me i always stand up for him when people put hm down

    • what country are you from? are you in the usa now? what is your race? ... dont let people tell you stuff like that... im black and peurto rican.. i have longer hair than most of my black friends and my skin is fairly lighter than theres... I've had girls tell me i think im all that because i have long hair , I've had people say " yellow ass etc"

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