Does my shy ex-boyfriend still like me?

My boyfriend broke up with me about 3 weeks ago and 2 days after the breakup he apologized to me in a private place afterschool and explains to me that he didn't like the attention he got from everyone so he just didn't want to be in a relationship. I understood him completely because he himself is a reserved, quiet person. Anyways now in school I sit in front of him and anytime i turn around i catch him staring at me and he would look away quickly but look at me again when he thinks im not looking. Even during detention when he would sit in front of me, he would turn around to get a glance of me. Also Everytime i am talking to other boys he seems to look jealous and be more obvious of his staring. We only talk to each other when we have like a question to ask like "do like this person?" Stuff like that. Also i have trouble figuring out whether i should initiate the first move for us to get back together because when we were dating he told me everything about himself and lots of personal stuff snd we would text almost everyday too. But now it is awkward because i can personally say that i like hin very much. I think about him almost everyday in fact. But he is hard to figure out though. Also in my grade im considered one of the pretty cool popular type of girls while he is more of a nerd type and to some people he isn't really goodlooking ( which is weird because i find him to be attractive in a way ). But yea... Anyone have any advice for me?


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  • Advice: He broke up with you, and he's an ex. Move on and find someone who appreciates being with you and the attention.

  • Fuck his reservation. If he likes you then he should be a man, be open about his relationship with you, in front of the prying eyes of the public, and enjoy his love with you. PEOPLE do not matter on this topic, both of you two DO.

    If you still like him then chances are that he still likes you, the reason he "broke-up" with you because of the dickheads in school means nothing, in truth. He should've got to know your friends at least if it was such a problem, that might've made the eyes that stared less open.

    Go for it, push him into it, if you have to (I mean, if you give a shit).

    Good luck.


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