Want to calculate the likelihood of your current relationship ending in Breakup or divorce?

Let t represent the time-length of a relationship (in months) and b (t) represent the likelihood of it ending in breakup or divorce (in percentage) (between now and the infinite future):

b (t)=100(0.970)^t ; t must be greater than 0.

This will tell you the percent chance of your relationship or marriage ending in breakup or divorce between now and the infinite future.

Link to complete explanation of how I found this: talkaboutmarriage.com/.../...-breakup-divorce.html
Also, time starts from the first date or date or transformation of relationship type to romantic.


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  • I'll try it with my ex, we were together for 5 months.

    B (5) = 85.9%

    Well, shit.


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  • I'll play. My 3 year anniversary is on the 1st of October. I hope you don't mind that I rounded it up then to 3 years for this. It said 33%. So there's a 33% chance of my relationship failing. I'll take it. Much better than like a 90% chance :p

    • Yeah girl, approximately a 2 in 3 chance you two will be together until one of you dies or forever!

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    • Official first date.

    • Then it's the 33% chance.

  • I dont get it 0. o

    • Plug in however long you have been with your partner and evaluate the function. The result is how likely you and him/her are to breakup between now and ever in the future.

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    • 16.081% chance your relationship will end in breakup or divorce between now and ever in the future.

    • Oh waw thats great if that would be truee , perfect lol and thanks for doing it for me

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  • So you think that a long relationship always makes it more unlikely to break up?


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