Why does my ex boyfriend bring up things that I could careless for?

Why does my ex keep talking about his fling when at the time he was with me and we just started talking as friends and he was talking about this fling he had when at the time we were together and its like a stab in the heart because I'm not completely over him. this other girl who is on walfare and has a kid
And he says that she loves him and wants to date him and is weirded out. But yet he keeps talking to her. When I talked on phone with him, he brings it up.
Never mentioned he wanted to date me. Maybe inthe future. Like the last two conversations we had. He said he's not into the walfare case but why bring her up?


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  • He is an insecure creep lacking masculinity. Why do you continue to talk to him? Get rid of him, cut off all conversation, and be glad he is gone from your life. Get a better guy next time now that you are wiser and can make better choices. No dates and no boyfriends is better than that creepy dude.


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