Is my ex just wanting sex or is there more to it?

My ex and I broke up months ago but ever since our break up we still hang out all the time. He and I also text each other a lot. He has said that he if wanted me fully back then we would be full on back together. I will admit that he and I do hook up a lot but he and I are not are not exclusive with anybody else. He has told me that he does not want to find anybody else. He also gets upset when I am talking to guys. He has seen me with other guys and he gets pretty jealous and upset. He also talks to other girls but has not hung out with or went on a date with another girl but me. When we are out with our group of friends and bump into each other he will stop paying attention to other people and focus on me.. There was also one time when he and his friends were dancing with a group of girls and he saw me walk past and he stopped dancing with the girls and started talking to me. He tells me all the time that there is no other girl when i ask. He also goes and hangs out with my family and friends a lot too. I know that he is sometimes enjoying "having his cake and eating it too" but I know that there is more to it then he wants to admit and he does not like talking about it with me when I do bring it up. Please help me!!!


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  • This is why you don't deal with ex's. It creates nothing but confusion. Cut him out and move on.


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