He can't handle being friends with me?

2 year long relationship, both eachother first serious relationship. Made a LOT of mistakes and life hit us both pretty hard. He broke up with me after the death of his grandpa.

About three months later, we decided to be friends. I moved a little too quickly for him because I was so thrilled with the idea of at least being friends... being close friends wasn't exactly what he had in mind, he just wanted us to consider eachother friends and be on friendly terms.

Two days ago, he told me he really had wanted to be friends but lately he can't handle me, he can hardly stand the sound of my voice... I don't know how to take any of it. He said we can't be friends right now. I asked if it's permanent and he responded with "probably not." But it could take a while." I told him I could live with that. He says he doesn't know why he feels this way. Today, without any reason beyond our agreement to not be friends, he unfriended me from Facebook and hid all of his information. We still work together, he can hardly speak to me and walks away if I come near but he sometimes watches me when he thinks I'm not looking... I don't know.

The popular suggestion is to leave him be (which I promised to do my best to do). My question here is, why on earth could he not handle being friends with me when I've done nothing but try to keep everything on dome level of normality? If he's over it like he says he is, why is this all so needlessly difficult? Shouldn't this be easy if he feels nothing?


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  • Never mind the fact he still has filling, I'd you push he's just going to pull away.
    Bottom line weather he meant what he said or not, the fact that he even fixed his mouth to say that was mean and selfish, especially if you've done nothing wrong. .. If I was you I'd put my feelings first and say screw him !. It's clear you like this guy, and I'm thinking you wanna be with him to.. but right now your best objective is to not look in his direction, allow his behavior to discuss you. Misery loves company. And because your not miserable the way he is he doesn't like you!.. well fuck him honey... move on!

    • Thanks for MH... I sincerely hope that things has been and continue to work out for you

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  • His behaviour probably has to do with the reason you broke apart, sounds it was serious.

  • My tip is that he still has feelings for you. If you have never been just friends its hard to know how to go about it.


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