What do you think about me? am I stupid? am I crazy? be honest here I can take, after all its my fault?

i met a girl online , she isn't beautiful, she isn't hot , but there is something that caused me to love her, her personality is nothing like I've ever seen, it seems that i found my soulmate, there is no point in keep my address hidden since it doesn't matter. she live in manila and i like in hong kong so we have a long distance relationship, at first , we were just friends for 3 months and we suddenly got into a relationship, but that ended within a week. we had fun before the relationship started, we tease each other, heck we even planed to dance the gangnam style when we meet. and i pretended that i was in a coma for 3 days and she almost cried but just laugh at the end haha, those days were awesome. when we started the relationship, it seems like everything we've been through together didn't happen, we were like strangers, she lost interest but i still love her, then the time came where i decided that it is best to move on, but she doesn't want to so i said that ill stay but i just won't talk to her cuz its kinda useless to do so.. i know this may be long but im am greatfull if you were able to read all of this and give your opinion about me and what i did... please comment
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  • dude, if she wants you to wait for her she better had a really damn good reason. Doing that is just so low, it's like keeping an old toy to keep you company while asking your mum to buy you a new one. Move the heck on, forget about her

    • haha well people say that love hurts but it only hurt when the person you love leaves you while you still have feelings for her... ouch :o

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What Girls Said 1

  • just move on.. i understand you maybe fell in love with her but you are very young and you have to move on in order to find someone better!:)

    • well you know what they say, if you love someone, let them go, if they come back, that means no one wanted them hahahaha thanks for reading XD

    • hahhahahahhaha my pleasure:D

What Guys Said 1

  • time for a revenge trolling! you fail at these things because of how young you are.

    • maybe your right, thanks for reading by the way

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    • this is really the most regretful thing I've ever did. well it goes to show that the word "i love you" can be fake most of the time, dont worry, i can handle it, even tho i lost all my social anxiety before and got it back cuz of this bitch , i should be able to live a happy life that i had without her XD thanks for reading

    • no problem dont troll me when I speak of Islam and I am good at helping others ;)

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