Can someone give me some intelligent feedback. Please?

My ex and i were together for 7 years. We have three kids together and one on the way. I stuck around for a lot of bullshit he put me through and when he was battling a drug addiction off and on i was the only one there for him. Finally i left for my kids and told him unless he got himself together i could not be there. So he went to another state and did just that. He got there July 1st. He kept calling every day and so forth with promises of returning. On August 1st i found out he was dating someone, on August 15, he tattooed her name on him and on September 15th married the person. Once i found out about her everything changed. He acted as if i didn't exist. Like our 7 years was a mistake and how he's changed and we are no good together and blah blah blah. Now he texts me to check on me and make sure im okay. He begs me not to shut him out despite me telling him why i need to. He wants me and the kids to move closer but has not offered support in 6 months. I told him i think we need our distance but he says oh i have a wife and i need to be respectful of her feelings. I said yeah whatever still not moving. He is coming here to spend the night at the hospital in 6 weeks to be there for me but im nervous. I haven't seen him and he's done a 360 since then. When i tried to explain to him how upset i was about the marriage his response was marriage is not what its cracked up to be. I don't know if he is just trying to make me feel better or what. How should i approach this? How do i get over it?


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  • Well... this is a shitty situation.

    I mean, as hard as it must be to see him and all that, if he's got his shit together you should make an effort to let him see the kids (for their sake). But you really don't owe him anything and you're better off without him. He sounds like a piece of shite.

    • In my head i feel as though if he changed then why has he not sent any money instead of wasting money buying bottles of liquor and having a life with no responsibilities or kids. Im sure if i was alone i would have been in a relationship now. I have 3 babies. Ages 3, 2, and ten months. The youngest dont even remember their dad.

    • He sounds selfish and immature. Don't try rationalise his behaviour because clearly he has no sense of responsibility.

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