I lost him? Please help me?

Its been 2 weeks that I didn't see my boyfriend.. I already mentioned in another article that my parents dont let me go out a lot wich is ruining my relationship. And they took my phone 2weeks ago and they give it to me once a week only.. now I barely talk to him. Anyway my dear friends yesterday he called me and he said that he can't take it anymore.. we can't see each other and we barely talk its like we're in a relationship but we're not. We agreed to break up but deeply I didn't want to. I've been crying for two days. Finally he sent me this message after the call : "Being with you was the best thing that could have happend to me! I will never forget what we had ♥Although we're not together anymore Bas you have to know that ill be there always next to you and ill still be your refuge :) I hope you know that the close moments we had will stay carved on my heart forever and so will u.. its good you said what you had on your mind ! its the most appropriate thing to do :) forever in my heart soos ♥. Good night " I dont want our relationship to end this way.. we dont deserve that. For the love of God someone help me :'(


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  • Dear Choloe, Begin your Beguine in life by taking back your life, taking back your self respect, taking back your will to fight for someone you Obviously Love and desperately Want to be With-------I've been crying for two days. And there's more in store if you stand for This and stooping to whatever poop your parents decide to throw your way to get you under their Controlling Tom Thumb. Put an end to the madness, put an end to the tyranny, it's time you stood up for yourself, for your rights and being 18--------Meet the parents.
    You're going to lose this treasure, sweetie. Guys like him are hard to find and hard to Get as Finder's Keepers. Your parents may be taking the bull by the horns with whatever your reasons to be still living under one roof, but it's time you became your own straw boss and got off their saddle and in one of your own. You need your own life, you don't have one living with them as Three birds of a feather. And now you are losing the one fine feather friend, a soul mate for possibly life, to Stay and be ruled with an iron fist.
    For the love of God, wake up, girl, and Allow me the best piece of advice you could ever Hope to get here. You either take matters into your own hands and take a strong stand or Regret it the rest of your born days, I promise you.
    Sit down with mom and dad and have a long serious talk. Make some sort of compromise... You're 'Allowing' Them to take over your whole well being and it's got to stop or Else-----Continue always down a beaten path.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank u so much... I made my parents change their minds :)

    • Dear Chloe, thank you for allowing me to show you the way, my prayers and best wishes go out to you and hopefully with the love of your life... xxoo

    • I'm smiling ear to ear, you done me proud, sweetie, I am so happy... Thank you for making my days... xxoo

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  • I wonder why your parents did this to you two, was in over religion beliefs,
    i believe there is reason you may need to get out your house to be with him
    i think if you and him were involve in proper relationship with no sex they
    should of let you two date and be together but I'm sure your parents have
    reason whether they are right or wrong i think you need make new life
    with him and move on it sounds like your parents are too controlling

    • They are doing that because of my studies..

    • Yeah, i take your still in school not a college etc
      but i tell you someday they may be sorry cause
      when girls/ guys get tied down they end up leaving
      home never returning

  • Dear Chloe77,

    Assuming you are over 18 the best course of action would be to get away from your controlling parents. You should be able to make your own choices and if you wish to truly be with this man and your parents are stopping you from doing so then stand up for yourself and find him. You two obviously love each other very much and you should find each other again. Love conquers all, remember that. Good luck to you Chloe. If you have anything else you wish to discuss please feel free too!

    Kind regards,


  • People cannot treat adults like this. It is totally morally wrong. You are not a child, how dare they.

  • Getting away from your controlling parents

  • The only answer I see is trying to move out as soon as possible. You need your own life.


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  • Awww I'm so sorry it would hurts so much I can't even imagine :( Yes you too don't deserve this, How old are you? If you are 18-24 tell your parents to stop controlling you and step out of the housr! wtf kind of controlling parents is this!!!


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