I don't know; is this love or just lust?

So I have/had this best friend who I have always loved, just over 2 years ago we thought we would try it and see how things go, it has always been rocky for us but we have drifted apart. I feel like I should leave but I would not be happy without him. HELP!


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  • Communication is key. Find out what the problem is and find a good way to solve that will make you happy with him. If he feels the same way, then you can get through this with him.

    • Thank you but he has this thing where he shuts off when I talk about making it work and emotions he says it is a guy thing but he doesn't tell me anything ever.

    • You have to change that. If he doesn't like to tell you how he feels then he is either not close enough to you or he just doesn't like sharing emotions with anyone.

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