Please help me get my girlfriend back!?

There is this girl who lives about an 1hr and a half a way from me. We started hanging out this summer and we had amazing times together. I felt so comfterble around her she was the best thing that ever happened to me. So after a while we started dating and it was going amazing she broke up with me because the distance was crap, but she wanted to still be my friend so I said okay. After a while of her being my friend I told her that I needed some time to get things together and I told her it wasn't a good I dea for us to be friends anymore. I realized later that night that I fucked up so bad so I apologized to her now she hardly responsed to me. How can I get her to message me back? I also want her to be my girlfriend again and be able to make the distance work? By the way we are both only 15. Thanks in advance.


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  • just tell her we all make mistakes and we can't hold those against one another, the past needs to be in the past. you're not holding the break up which was from her, against her, so she needs to try to find it in her heart to forgive you for this mistake so that you both can move forward. tell her you have this one life and really only want her in it and you want to make the distance work. Beg... and if she doesn't give in and/or try than I hate to tell you but you need to move on for your own sake. You're only 15 so you truly do have so much time ahead of you to meet other people and who knows, maybe run into her later on! Good luck mate


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