Is this a future relationship or friends with benefits? Please help?

My ex bf broke up with me due to trust issues got a rebound gf right after that, still admitted he had feelings for me but I hurt him, admitted to me he still had photos of me when I asked if he did, still would text me here and there when he had his gf.. eventually broke up with her. Still won't get with me because he says he's hurt and how we are friends, he kisses me and hugs me, have had sex before, we hung out recently and he will sit right next to me touching, will hug me from behind, stayed the night together recently kissed me on my forehead when he thought I was still asleep, when he recently hung out he bought me a thoughtful gift that is for crafts i had been wanting i thought it was for him when he checked out but he actually surprised me with it and said he bought it for me gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek after that. What do you think all this is? He truly cared about me but I think he's scared I'm going to hurt him but what do you'll think? He does text me on his own as well to see how my day was (not everyday) but he does as well as we eat lunch together everyday as he works with me and wait on each other to walk together as we get off of work gove each other a hug and depart


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  • Sounds to me like he likes you and hasn't gotten over you. Why did you guys split? Maybe it was just a fight.

    • He broke up because I went out with a friend during a fight we had but my friend was catching a flight in my city before leaving officially to his home town i took my girl friend with me so it wldnt look bad my friends asked what did I do for the weekend I told then they told my ex before I cld tell him, he said i went behind his back, he "forgave me" for it than 1 day went through my phone saw guy friends and my dumb ex randomly message me "hey babe" n he said i cldnt be trusted n he broke up with me because i wanted the single life and so he gave it to me.. i swear on everything I never cheated on him and it hurts so much because I really do love him. I've tried to tell him I'm sorry n never meant to hurt him on purpose but he says he can forgive but not forget. But what guy still says we cnt be together and continues to do the above mention.. he tells me not to try to show him how much I care but he does get jealous if he sees me talking to a guy

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    • What do you mean? My friends haven't said to move on they all can see something is still there

    • Sorry, misread our last post. I think you need to do what you feel is the right thing. Make the move and see what happens. Be prepared for the worst and if the best comes then you're in luck. Good luck!!!

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