Best way to make your ex boyfriend jealous?

So i broke up with a guy who cheated on me and then dated the girl he cheated on me with, just to see her dump him. honestly i hate the guy with a passion and i just want to get on his nerves.

i haven't spoken to him in 4 months so i need a way without directly approaching him to upset him.


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  • The best way to make an ex jealous is to work hard on improving yourself and have a very happy and successful life. Seriously.

    Attempting any kind of subterfuge or trickery or petty little things to try and get at him will only serve one purpose. Making him 100% sure that he made the right choice in not committing to someone with revenge issues that holds a grudge. That is the type of woman that every guy in the world can agree is one to steer far, far away from. Anything that hints at 'crazy ex' will spread like wildfire and serve as guy-repellent to anyone who has heard the story.


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  • That's the problem with women, you hang on to things WAY too long. Let it go and if you ever see him AND he asks how you've been then tell him something way over the top. Like, "this guy I've been seeing is a sniper in Iran and was just asked to do..." Until then find another guy and move on. Get your mind off this guy because it's poison and drama.

  • The best thing for you to do is rise above it. Although it sucks, and I've been in that position before, the more attention you give a cheater the more satisfaction they receive. By trying to make your ex jealous you're stooping to his level. The best way to upset him is to know how perfectly happy you can be without someone like him in your life


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