Does my stubborn ex want me back?

My ex broke me up last 4 months and unfriend me on facebook. I did try to get him back once, but I know he was stubborn and wouldn't change his decision.
I tried to let him go, make my fb can't accept any friend request and didn't check my fb for over a month after breaking up. Then I changed my setting, and all of the sudden, he added me up, so I approved it straight away. Only by then I realized a week after we broke up he tried to contact me on facebook.
Now we only talk when he text me first. But we don't really talk much.. so I want to text him first now, is that okay? Does he want me back or he only wants me as a friend?


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  • I think only as a friend for now, it could develop Into something in the future

  • that depends, why did you guys break up in the first place?


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