What have I done to have him hate me this much?

So with my breakup with the guy I was dating a little over four months I noticed yesterday his sister who I think I am friends with and other family members have deleted me from Facebook. I understand that, however I was very hurt and could tell by how his sister texted me that he is angry. I called and asked him why and he told me how 1. I wasn't good for him (some people aren't meant to be and that I wasn't good for him, however I did nothing wrong to him) and that 2. He is still mad that someone ratted him out about the fact he was shit talking behind my back and 3. That he did really care for me and that it doesn't matter anymore. I just want to know why he hates me when I have done nothing wrong to him. I just feel very upset, trying to understand while still being upset. Be honest as much as you can be, the way I left him (breakup) I told him everything I knew he was saying, explained how I knew about why he really left his 9 year relationship and such it was basically me verbal bitch slapping him for everything he had done to me since I had done everything right for him.


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  • Hi Khaleesi89. I've noticed that men get really mean and cold when the emotional pressure gets too much for them to handle. That's why so many guys turn into assholes after breaking up. This is their way of blocking any emotional responsibility – it's a type of barrier. Emotions show weakness and makes them seem less guilty and partly to blame for what happened. That's how they often run away.

    So I think he's response is an immature way of blocking you. Instead of properly talking and dealing with whatever emotions there seem to be, he is choosing the easy way: he's shutting you out. I may be wrong, but I know that this is very true in may cases.

    Here's To Healing :)

    • Wow. This is a great answer and makes complete sense. Guys refuse to look weak and unfortunately they won't own up to their mistakes. Try not to blame yourself because this response he's given you speaks volumes about his character and maturity. You deserve a real man who isn't scared to express how they really feel.

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  • Khaleesi, I'm sorry to hear your old Sun and Stars is being such a douchebag. When your dragons are grown, you will take back what was stolen from you and destroy those who wronged you!

    Forget about him and get with Daario Naharis, he's hotter anyways.


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