He said he needs space from me... is it over?

I knew my bf for a long time but he started dating someone else but him and i rekindled and ended up together... i was very insecure because of how that went down & because of my previous relationship... we spoke all the time... had awesome convos but my insecurities started getting the better of me & i would break up with him over silly things & not mean it & essentially create unnecessary drama... we both started getting mean with one another... one day it all got really bad when he actually dumped me... in a very mean way... i was hurt... he told me he didn't wanna be with me anymore he needed space and ill never change & im too much drama... the next day we spoke.. i told him i really wanted to fix it & that ill try to control my insecurities.. he said.. he knew he'd regret it but he'd give it another try (very un-enthused about it) i said if you still need your space i'll leave you alone & when you are ready to talk call me... its been almost a week.. nothing.. this is the longest we haven't spoken for...& i read over his messages with a much clearer head & he was being very clear when he said he didn't want to speak to me.. needs space & he doesn't want to be with me anymore...& even when i called him the next day about fixing it he said something like.."even tho i said i dont wanna be with you you wanna be with me" before he said we could be together.

i feel like I have forced him to be with me & he really doesn't want to... what if he never calls? are we even together right now? should i text & let him know i get it we dont have to be together? or should i wait for him to call? before all this i thought he was inlove with me.. at least thats what he'd said just days prior to the break up... i feel like he shouldve understood why i was so insecure & supported me... he didn't really do that.. infact he heightened it at times... what should I do? i love him but does it make sense if he can't even speak to me?


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  • If men or women say they "need space", that typically means they have found someone else already.

  • I think he's testing you right now, to see if you can really give him space or not.

    I think you'll crack first, and contact him. If you haven't done so already.

    • i havent... but its 4 days... when we used to talk all day everyday... i just dont want when he finally calls me he hits me with the "ive been thinking & we shouldn't be together"

    • Nothing you can do to stop that, if that is what happens.

      I still think you'll crack first.

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