Does he really mean it!!!?

Ok this question is solely geared towards the ladies, no guys at all please. You had your chance to answer...
If a guy tell you that he no longer wants anything to do you does he really mean it? The thing is we my dude and I were ok until I had an argument with his baby mama who picked at me all the time. I'm trying to move on but I was just wondering does he mean it. Oan he got upset because he said I Lied about not responding to her. My personally feeling is that he did not mean it. So what do you ladies think?
Reason I'm asking the questions is because my ex gave me a ring and asked me to marry him the day before. When his baby mama found out she text me cursing at me then she called me and we argued. He jump all over me and said some really harsh things.


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  • Fuck the police, I'm a guy and I'm answering anyway.


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  • Generally, guys say exactly what they mean, and mean exactly what they say. It's the ladies that hear what they want to hear, and turn and twist things around until they think it seems right.

    • Ok thanks

    • Up vote. Anon hit the nail on the head with this answer. This guy is telling you to move on. Do it.

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