Ask my ex if she's gotten my texts?

Now I know what you’re thinking based off the question title, "dude she’s ignoring you obviously, give it a rest," but I actually thought of this logical possibility last night after 2 weeks of 1-sided texting.

Quick background info: we dated for 15 months, went back and forth all summer, ended things mid august, she ended things for reasons like schoolwork & depression, split civilly and positively leaving door open, but haven't seen each other since but have communicated minimally even before she broke her phone

Sometime this month she broke her iphone and switched back to the palm pre cell phone, which is technically a Smartphone but is nowhere near as advanced as an iphone.

1 week ago she sent me a video via text and I responded to it and then I heard nothing after that

2 days ago I texted her to grab coffee for the next day and didn’t get a response.

My theory I thought of was "can this phone even receive an imessage? I know there’s the option to send it as a text message if imessage doesn't work, but my dilemma is should I send her a quick FB message saying "hey I was wondering if you’ve gotten any text messages from me lately on your phone because my phone was sending imessages in return and im not even sure if your palm pre receives them."

Because if im right and this is true, ill have been ignoring her for about 2 weeks now.

Should I send this to her? Or not? I still want her back and I don’t want to be a wimp by sitting on the sidelines and seeing what happens. I wanted to get coffee with her to catch up, show her this new side to me and tell her "i want you in my life but im moving on regardless"


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  • I'd say you can try talk to her. Don't mention the other text, it doesn't really matter. Try it again, if she answers then cool:) if she doesn't... well she has moved on. If you mention that there was a first text, even if she received it or if she didn't, will make you look anxious and she'll feel pressure. Try sending her a short text and see how it goes. Good luck!!


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  • "I wanted to get coffee with her to catch up, show her this new side to me and tell her "i want you in my life but im moving on regardless" "

    How about showing her you're moving on by just MOVING on and stop worrying about her.


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  • Message her on Facebook and say "hi! hows it going" and then end the conversation there. If she wants to talk to you she will.

  • Don't ask your ex if she has gotten your texts. You two broke up, leave her in the past and move on.


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