Why would a guy tell a woman that he cares about that she's not special?

My ex told me this and it keeps running through my head how he could possibly have said this to me.

It just hurt me a lot considering how I felt about him at the time.

I haven't spoken to him in a long time. (NC Rule) I am getting over him slowly though. :)


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  • This could mean a couple of different things depending on the context of the statement.

    It could mean that the guy has the opinion that the woman thinks too highly of herself.

    It could mean that the woman has been acting in a way that implies she will be the exception to the rule.

    It could mean that the guy was angry and wanted to say something hurtful.

    It could mean that the guy wants the woman to take stock of her life and make a more realistic appraisal of the situation.

    It could mean that the guy feels the woman has expectations out of touch with reality.

    ... I don't know, I could probably keep going but you should get the idea by now. Most cases though, I think, would revolve around a feeling held by the guy that the woman in question has some opinions of herself that are unjustified. At least, unjustified in his mind.

    • I get what you're saying however I was never boastful etc; never bragged etc so that's why I'm struggling with why he would say that. I think he said it to hurt me more than anything else and that we are just two different people. He is selfish and has a major ego and I'm the extreme opposite.

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    • Thanks for your comment :) Xx

    • lol, no, nobody is perfect :) I wasn't saying it as a judgement, I was pointing out the perception.

      And you are welcome :)

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  • Simple rule: STOP OVER ANALYZING!!! It will do you no good do not even ponder it. I have been in your sittuation. It blows.


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