Can you please help me understand the behavior of my ex? Is this over or not? What is he feeling?

okay so my bf broke up with me last week after 10 months together. he said he didn't want to lose me in his life, that he wanted us to be friends, that we could keep talking on Facebook and even on the phone and do stuff together, like friends. we both cried a lot during the last date - break up time. i dont know why he cried though (?). he said he didn't love me anymore.

after that, he didn't text me or anything, and just one day later, he posted a photo with other girl in instagram, i texted him saying that i was trying to have a positive attitude so no bad unnecessary feelings towards each other. he said he didn't have any bad feelings towards me, that he didn't have anything against me. That confused me so i asked 'what do you think about me?'. and he said i was genuine and driven to do good things, that i was sometimes a bit confronting but it is not bad. he said i was a very caring person and that i took really good care of him. then he asked 'how are you? "i have been worried about you all week actually". he said he didn't like seeing me crying like that when we broke up, and that it was the hardest decision he has ever had to make. he said "i understand if you think im some kind of monster. i am very sorry it was me the one who broke your heart. i broke mine too". then he said he had to go.
two days after he texted me to ask if i was going to church (we go to the same church), but then when we were there, he didn't even look at me nor approached or anything. now two days more have passed and he hasn't contacted me.

advice? what is he feeling? what should i do? is this over? thankssomuch


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  • Wait a while, maybe two or three weeks. You'll see a pattern develop and then you'll know where you stand. Behaviour never lies.


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  • I think he may just be trying to put you down easy. He may be heartbroken but he may also be exaggerating to make you feel better. If he loves you and wants you back, he'll be back.


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  • its over im sorry but its over. Just ignore him he is trying to forget you if he hasn't already but he probably isn't looking at you because maybe memories of you too will come back to him or something.


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