Will he regret losing me and realize what we had?

I was talking to this guy and when we were together, everything felt so natural, we just clicked. He would send me long messages saying how he liked when I stared at him (I would in admiration because I liked him so much) even though he might act like he hates it and he absolutely hates talking on the funny but be does it because he knows it makes me happy and he thought I was worth it and that we could really be something serious. I was completely honest with him about everything and he liked that about me and he was talking about possibly making it official but that we should talk longer just to make sure. I agreed but then everything changed.. he stopped hanging out with me but would still say that he wanted us to go somewhere and then just stopped talking to me for 2 weeks and the next time I texted him, he told me he was seeing someone. So clearly he was talking to her while talking to me and I'm pretty sure that the girl he left me for is his ex but who is also leaving for college in 2 weeks.. since then I have come to terms with it, I'm still sad but I'm trying to get over him because I really fell for him. I deleted him off of everything also due to the fact that I don't want to see what he is up to but he can see my instagram and recently after that happened, he started liking my pictures again? I can't get rid of the question, "Will he regret it when she leaves?" and why is he liking my posts now?


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  • He will only 'regret' it if he ends up in a situation that is worse. If he ends up in one that he likes better, he won't regret it at all. For people to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it has to at least be green, and look like grass. His level of regret will depend 100% on the happiness of his current situation.

    Why is he liking your posts now? Well, maybe because he likes them. Or, maybe because he is breaking up with a girl and thinks that you would be willing to just 'take him back' while he looks for another one. Who knows, lots of reasons a guy would do that. A few of them are even 'innocent'.

    • Well I also was on tinder and he popped up as one of the people that I could like and of course I "x" it out but it said "active 5 hours ago" so out of curiosity I then looked on Facebook and his picture is still with this girl so why is he on a dating app? And that's kind of an effed up thing to do, why would he like my pictures like right after just he totally just screwed me over and started seeing someone else? Like even if he just likes the picture what makes him think I want his name to pop up on my phone?

    • Well, I could speculate on his reasoning for being on a dating app, or how that fits with a relationship, but that's kind of irrelevant. It seems like the guy is a bit of a douche. It seems that his interactions with you are making it hard for you to get past him. If you blocked him on Facebook and not instagram, he may be pissed and doing it just to spite you. Just block him on instagram too. Blocking him on instagram will remove his likes from your photos and prevent him from liking any others.

      And if you "don't want to see what he is up to" don't look at his Facebook page. Sounds like you just need to finish the job you started and block him from everything.

What Girls Said 1

  • Probably not, but if he doesn't value you he's not worth it anyway.


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