It has been almost 3 years that me and my ex boyfriend have broken up, and we still keep in contact. Is he still into me?

Okay so to make things short about my history with me and my ex boyfriend, we were together for about 2 years and broke up because he had really bad trusting issues so that caused us to have really bad arguments almost everyday for any little thing. For example, during those 2 years together, he had bought me a dog for surprise and that same day we got into in argument because i didn't pick up his phone call and didn't respond to his texts for like 20 minutes but i was in the shower, and because of that he never gave me the dog.

After 3 years of us breaking up, we remained friends. he eventually had another girlfriend after me but they didn't last at all. Anyways, for some time we would text each other to see how we both are doing, and since me and him have the same friends we would see each other a lot. So of course those years we have been broken up, we would some times have sex usually when we are drunk. Recently, for at least a year he has been asking me if i could take care of his dog while he goes on vacation. I would always gladly accept because i grew a relationship with that dog. But it makes me wonder why he chooses me to take care of his dog when he has his mom or brothers that will gladly do him the favor. Is it because he wants to keep in contact while he is on vacation? He always texts me to see how his dog is doing and bla bla bla.

Is he still into me? Does he miss me? Or is he just using me to take care of his dog only? Or could there be something more? I mean he sometimes pays me or brings me a gift from where ever he went on vacation.


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  • You're reading into it too much. He sees you as a friend. Nothing more.


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