My crush has a girlfriend and I'm dying Please help?

Long story short. I had a crush on this guy since forever. He leads me on. My best friend told me he's a player and will never settle down. I know and accept that fact. Just yesterday his Facebook said "in a relationship". My best friend asked him and he confirmed he has a gf now. I'm so depressed I feel so horribly sad no words can describe. After a few hours he texted me saying he's sorry for kissing me and leading me on, and we should "stop talking to each other at least for now". I SURE won't text him anymore, I have my self-esteem, but how do I deal with this heart break? Thanks.


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  • if he is a "playa" than he probably thinks with his balls, not his brains. Really, just go to the grocery store pick up a gigantic tub of your favorite icecream\yogurt\whatever, watch a movie of some guy you'd "want to go a round with" and forget about your crush.


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  • I can feel your hurt <\3
    But there is nothing you can do right now to solve this
    Unless you start playing the mind games
    Here is a plane i hope it will help , if doesn't you lost him anyway
    1. Wear clothes that gives you a nice sexy figure
    2. work out and put on some makeup
    3. DATE other guys in his presence !
    Or at least let him see you out with male company. Show him that your happy without him and there are other guys desire you " guys want what other guys have "
    He'll eventually realize he might made a mistake by letting you go ;)

    I wish this helped
    Update with how it goes

    • Yea and never contact him even if he does ignooore him this is very important

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    • You will lose him if he felt your still interested and still wants him because he will test the waters to see if u still interested then he would think he's right not to choose you but if you ignored him he'll wonder weather he lost u or not.. this is the hard truth but if u can't completely ignore him only ignore the texts you can take his phone calls but make it short and act busy tell him u are in middle of something or ur with someone right now this will drive him crazy

      if all of this didn't work

      I will give you plan B but lets wait and see


    • Yah thank you :) Whenever I see him at school and I'm with a guy I'll try to enjoy his company as much as possible in front of him, but when I'm alone I just ignore him and walk pass him...

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  • Find a good tv show to watch and take care of yourself. Chances are he will cheat on your friend, anyway. It's a matter of time, and everything happens for a reason, even the things that suck on the surface :)

    • Thanks :( It's even worse I don't even know who his girlfriend is... :(

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    • Never mind my story, but life is full of hard knocks. For every person feeling good, there are probably ten others feeling bad or worse than you. Some will commit suicide today. Life isn't supposed to be easy. Think about the positives. You're still alive. You're not in the hospital with cancer. You aren't pregnant with him. Look at what transposed between you two as experience and nothing more. Try to be objective, I know it's hard.

    • It's hard... really hard. Now all those memories are like stabbing my brain and heart! Why is life doing this to me. Those things I cherish are turning into trash and flush into the toilet. I know I should focus on the positive, but I see no light but darkness after hearing that horrible news...

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