Has anyone questioned you about your ex?

GUYS after a break up, has any mutual family and friends of yours and your ex ask you.. Why the hell did you break up with her? And has that changed your mind? Or does it make you guys think 'I shouldn't of let her go'

Any stories or suggestion is welcome!
P. S I'm going through this right now, and had no idea people were contacting him regarding on why he broke up with me.
I miss him dearly..


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  • Actually my ex's best friend contacted me and asked me how I was doing a couple of times. She told me that she doesn't get it why she broke up with me when it's clear she's in love with me but that she's her friend and has to support her. She also told me a couple of things I'm not sure she should have and if they're true I think that after four months my ex might still have strong feelings for me. Her best friend said that she'll even try talking to her talk some sense into her when the time is right because she suggested that she thinks she might be doing the wrong thing or that she's lying to herself. Basically I think her friend confirmed everything I thought was going on. It didn't change anything for me except that I miss her even more but the last time my ex broke up with me her friend played a big role in us getting back together because she talked to her and made her realize that she had to listen to her feelings. But unfortunately I think my ex is more stubborn now. But I'm still hoping she'll come around. I really am.

    • That's interesting! I guess it does play a big role. I'm hoping it dosent push my ex away more.. all they do is tell him that she hasent done anything wrong and I'm the best for him etc.
      I hope everything goes well for you :)
      Good luck!

    • Thank you but I don't know I think her pride has too much to do with it for something to happen very quickly unfortunately. I think she'd rather suffer her failing relationship miss me like crazy and be with somebody else before she'd come back to me and tell me that I was right about me and her even though the only thing I'd say would be that I miss her and nothing matter except that she's with me. I wish it could be different and I really hope that she comes around because I know we were the best thing that happened to each other but I don't know what else I can do. Well people around us play a significant role in our lives so it's only natural that they have an influence we can only hope that the people we love have smart people around them that won't influence them badly. That's why I say it's always good to stay on the good side of people.

    • Thats very true! Everything in the end ends up making sense...
      and yes she probably does have to go through the worst to appreciate the best, which is sad that they don't see it whilst being with them then, right?

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  • I was married 20 yrs. I was with her 25 yrs. I would have never left her. ever. I love her unconditionally.
    she was the one that threw away everything. I found out she was cheating on me the last 2 yrs. I have to try and deal with the fact she never loved me in all that time. and try and figure out why someone would ever stay with someone that long if they dont love them and maybe never even cared about me. why have children together? so no, they don't ask becuase it wasn't me that wanted it. she turned her back on everyone.

    • oh no.. I'm so sorry to hear that..
      i hope it all goes well for you, and realises what she did was totally unacceptable and extremely hurtful!
      Best of luck!

  • No, if people did ask, I'd just explain why I dumped her. It wouldn't make me rethink it. Obviously I know something that they don't know.


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